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Sunday, January 29
 AM Sydney Time

Register for our bi-monthly GLOBAL DNA ACTIVATION. A unique and very powerful,
yet very safe, form of DNA and kundalini activation for THOSE ALREADY AWAKENED!

Next Global DNA Activation ceremony:
Sunday, January 29, 2016 @ 11:00 - 11:30 am Sydney time. 

How the DNA Activation works...

global dna activation brendan d murphy

You or your loved ones can participate meditatively in the thirty-minute session from wherever you are in the world. There is no need to be online or on the telephone. Simply use your intention to “tune in” to the activation, which Brendan will perform on our end for the entire group of registrants as detailed in Potentiate Your DNA. You can even be asleep during the ceremony if you find yourself drifting off or in a faraway time zone.

To read more detailed information on preparing for the session, we encourage you to download the free chapters from Potentiate Your DNA here and start by reading Chapter 8 beginning with the section, “Know that All Healing Is Self-healing.”

It is worth noting that Potentiation is typically performed at a distance, capitalizing on the non-specific quantum nonlocal nature of all things and information in our holofractal universe. In fact, virtually all client feedback stems from remote sessions.

How much $ does it cost?

How much it costs to participate depends on you. You only need to receive Potentiation once. The suggested minimum donation is $125 USD—a saving of $70 off the now standard investment fee.

Donate as much or as little as you like over the $50 USD minimum.

What is DNA Activation with The Regenetics Method?

This powerful four stage activation timeline begins with an activation and “ener-genetic reset” called Potentiation, for transforming the body, mind, and spirit.

This unparalleled form of sound healing, which employs specific vowel combinations (“codes”) sung to the renowned Solfeggio scale, was partly inspired by new genetic research revealing that DNA can be sonically activated—noninvasively and even remotely—to actualize your unique potential in all aspects: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Over the past decade, the Phoenix Center for Regenetics has worked with thousands of individuals and trained Brendan as one of various Facilitators to perform this life-changing work. The results have been astonishing, as evidenced by the enormous body of testimonials that have been accruing. Here’s one below:

Sahl Jamsheer

My son has gone from an asthmatic, eczemic immune compromised boy to not needing any meds even if he gets a little bit congested now. The dark circles under his eyes have reduced and he is very loving even though I've been a stressed and tough mom sometimes. I can't attribute all these changes to anything but Potentiation because even if I could rationalise them, I cannot ignore my Potentiation diary that shows subtle yet very significant experiences before each breakthrough which magically line up with your chart [...] As for me, my health hasn't improved like I was hoping though a digestive issue I had been struggling with for a year healed up in the last month. However, my inner talk has taken a complete U-turn and all immediately after hitting the Fragmentary Body. That just cannot be coincidence. And the closer I get to the sealing at 5-month mark, the happier I am being me. I've never accepted me, my thoughts or my body before and frankly I really don't know anyone yet who loves values themselves like I value me now. I cannot ever thank you enough for that ... ever. Because I've spent the last 12 years trying almost everything to do just that ... Holosync, other meditations, EFT, Healing Codes, Cybernetic Transposition and every self-help book out there ... And I all I needed was a Potentiation and some time. Someday I will give back to you and others what you have given me.

Another family desperately sought help for their son who received the DNA activation without being aware of it, i.e., he was virtually a participant in a “single blind experiment” under the guardianship of his parents:

Happy Grandma

My grandson who is 10 hadn't been able to sleep thru the night without wetting the bed. He has been in nappies at night his whole life. He has been to a child psychologist and all the different specialists to make sure nothing was physically wrong. He and his mother at the end of their tether when trying to finish with nappies and the washing involved so have had to continue to use the nappies.

I found out about the free monthly (with Sol & Leigh) potentiation and registered my grandson. About a week later my daughter told me no bed wetting & dry nappies. We worked out to the day since potentiation he has been able to be dry all night. Months later now but only the odd incident. His father was also a bed wetter as a child and makes one wonder if the issue was a DNA damage thing. Anyhow an amazing instant fix. He was unaware of the potentiation and at school at the time.”

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How much it costs to participate depends on you. You only need to receive Potentiation once. The suggested minimum donation is $125 USD—a saving of $70 off the now standard investment fee. 

Donate as much or as little as you like, over the $50USD minimum. ​

You must be at least 12 years old to register. Unless you are a parent, guardian or caregiver of another person you wish to register, please limit registration only to yourself.

Registration is a two-step process. After you finish the donation process, you'll be redirected to enter your personal details. You can donate via PayPal below. (All payments are in USD).

Credit Card

Total Amount: $125.00


Follow Up...

Following the Ceremony, we will send you another email with even more information for maximizing your Potentiation experience, including how to identify your Electromagnetic Group (energy family), interpret your Electromagnetic Schematic, and track your Potentiation timeline over the course of the forty-two week unfoldment of this dynamic process.

Potentiation is the first stage of this powerful four stage activation timeline. You will be eligible for the next stage, Articulation, in 5 months time. We will send you a reminder email before then. 

We have endeavoured to provide you with everything you need to understand Potentiation, so now all there is left to do is register for the Global DNA Activation.

If after thoroughly reviewing this page and the linked materials, you still have questions, please see here. If anything remains unclear after visiting the link and reviewing the page thoroughly don’t hesitate to email us.

Questions before getting started...

Registration Closes in:

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Thank you for choosing accelerated evolution!

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