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Activate Yarragon: Group DNA Activation Victoria

Crystal Ocean 95 Princes Highway, Yarragon

RESET YOUR BIOENERGY BLUEPRINT VIA DNA Facilitator:   Brendan Murphy Brendan uses 528 Hz and the other Solfreggio frequencies for DNA/Kundalini activations; awakening your “dormant” multidimensional DNA strands and re-tuning you to the frequencies of Love, Health, Deeper Consciousness and Personal Power, which were your birthright, but usurped.  Brendan utilizes the Regenetics Method which employs […]


Activate Your DNA Melbourne

Yoga Studio 9 Montgomery Street, Castlemaine

Brendan D. Murphy uses sound-based DNA activations to tune people in to their deeper wisdom, untapped power, and life mission. Get tickets for Activate Your DNA Melbourne.