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Water Fluoridation: Exploring The Science

February 21, 2015 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Paul Connett Water Fluoridation Conference Sydney Global Freedom Movement

Water fluoridation is an issue that affects us all. Both sides of the fluoridation debate claim that an informed viewpoint on the matter is in the interest of public health. I have come to realise that many people on each side of the debate have a sincere belief that their position is informed by science.

But is the science on each side of this debate legitimate? Is water fluoridation one of the greatest public health measures ever undertaken? Just how strong is the evidence of benefit? Or is it doing more harm than good? Are you, your loved ones or your community being adversely affected? What is more basic for sustaining life than the water we drink?

Water Fluoridation Conference Sydney global freedom movement paul connettThe purpose of this conference is to look at the primary science on water fluoridation, and to allow plenty of time for discussion and questions. Our hope is that confusion be converted to clarity, and information to understanding.

My co-organiser, Simon De Pomeroy, and I have brought together an impressive group of scientists, medical and dental practitioners from Australia and abroad, to present key material on this important subject.

There will be nine short presentations given, covering a broad range of key areas that include: proponents’ basis for implementing fluoridation; fluoridation evaluated as a medical practice; purported efficacy claims and proven beneficial alternatives; evidence of harm, in particular neurological harm and lowering of IQ, and implications of the same; endocrine system effects involving melatonin as well as thyroid function; governmental panel reviews and conflict of interest; and the ethics of fluoridation.

Water Fluoridation Conference Sydney Speakers include:

  • Prof. Paul Connett PhD – Chemistry/toxicology
  • Dr Bill Hirzy PhD – former risk assessment scientist with the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • A/Prof Ray Kearney PhD – infectious diseases and immunology
  • Dr. Stan Litras BDS – dentist NZ
  • Dr Andrew Harms BDS – dentist & former president of ADA (SA Branch)
  • Dr. Geoff Pain PhD – chemistry
  • Dr. Jane Beck BSc. MBBS – medical practitioner NZ
  • Australian Dental Association – supporting water fluoridation*
  • NSW Health – supporting water fluoridation*
  • University of Sydney Dental Faculty – supporting water fluoridation*
  • Moderator: Dr Ron Ehrlich BDS FACNEM (Dent)
*NOTE: We have invited the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and Sydney University Dental Faculty to present and are still awaiting confirmation of a speaker/s

In the spirit of a truly open public forum, we have invited representatives from the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the Dental Faculty at Sydney University to give a presentation, outlining the scientific case for ADA/NSW Health’s promotion of water fluoridation. We still await confirmation of a speaker from among the pro-fluoridation community, failing which we will dedicate the equivalent length of time to a presentation of ADA/NSW Health material.

A 10-minute question time will follow each presentation to ensure balanced discussion. To enhance the dialogue, we have organised for an independent panel of professionals to open the question times. The stance of each panel member on fluoridation was not known to us prior to invitation. Nor were the panel members known to us personally. Rather, we began with a concept of a neutral panel from a range of academic and professional fields, and held to that constraint. We thank our panel members for their willingness to participate in this unique forum. They are:

  • Dr Charles Cranfield PhD (Biophysics), BSc (Pharmacology) – Senior Lecturer, School of Medical and Molecular Biosciences, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • Dr Priyanka Bandara PhD, BSc (1st Class Honours) – Medical Practitioner (formerly at Westmead and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals), Honorary board member of Environmental Health Trust USA and Doctors for Safer Schools
  • Prof Bruce Neal PhD – Senior Director, Vascular Epidemiology and Prevention Medicine, The George Institute for Global Health; Professor of Medicine, The University of Sydney

  • Dr Ron Ehrlich BDS (Syd Uni), FACNEM (Dent) Conference Moderator & Dentist. Sydney

To purchase tickets, please visit – https://waterfluoridationconferencesydney.com.au

For parking information please go here – https://www.uts.edu.au/sites/default/files/Facilities-Hire-Carpark-2013.pdf


University Hall, University of Technology Sydney
Harris St, Ultimo
Sydney, NSW Australia
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