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Pesticides And Polio: The Secret Link With Jim West

October 4, 2015 @ 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Two weeks ago we spoke to independent researcher Jim West and shared his extremely disturbing – though vitally important – revelations concerning the little-known and very real dangers of prenatal ultrasound. This week Jim’s back on GFM Media to reveal the little-known links between polio and DDT and knock the living snot out of the mainstream medical mythology around polio.

Polio Secrets:

“The lesson to be learned from Swayze’s insistence that infantile paralysis is not a contagious disease is that, nevertheless according to the law, it is a contagious disease, and that it is illegal to consider it otherwise.”

“Poliomyelitis is unique in that it is the only disease in the history of medicine in which a theory, and not an established fact as to its cause, has become incorporated into the public health law.”

“Although poliomyelitis is legally a contagious disease… every attempt has failed conclusively to prove this mandatory requirement of the public health law… Hoyne points out… the startling revelation that the etiologic agent of the disease is still unknown…”

“…when this disease was legally made a communicable disease… funds for poliomyelitis research were from then on designated for the investigation of the infectious theory only.”

Ralph R. Scobey, M.D., “Is The Public Health Law Responsible For The Poliomyelitis Mystery?”
Archives of Pediatrics, Vol 68, p220 (May, 1951)

“In 1907, [during] an epidemic of poliomyelitis… no infant who was fed exclusively on the breast developed poliomyelitis.”

“Inclusion bodies have been defined as products of virus activity or the elementary virus bodies themselves. Inclusion bodies have been found in poisoned humans and experimental animals.”

“No intensive studies have been made… to determine whether or not the so-called virus of poliomyelitis… simply results from an exogenous [external] factor or factors…”

“Medical studies have shown repeatedly that paralytic diseases in… [domestic animals] occur simultaneously in districts where epidemics of poliomyelitis are prevalent.”

“Poliomyelitis investigations… have been confined exclusively to virus studies.”

Ralph R. Scobey, M.D., “The Poison Cause of Poliomyelitis”
Archives of Pediatrics, Vol 69, p172 (April, 1952)

“There is much evidence to indicate that the poliomyelitis virus is synthesized or activated within the human body instead of entering it as commonly assumed.”

“Carrel (1925) was able to produce tumors resembling [exactly] Rous’ sarcoma and transmissible by cell-free [Berkefeld] filtrates with indol, arsenic, or tar in chicken embryo. Carrel’s observations have been confirmed by other workers. Fischer (1926), by treating cultures of normal cells with arsenic obtained on one occasion a filtrable virus capable of causing tumors.”

Ralph R. Scobey, M.D., “Poliomyelitis Caused by Exogenous Virus?”,
Archive Of Pediatrics (April/May,1954) v71, p111

Join us at 9 pm Sydney time (remember daylight savings has just started in Sydney) tonight for some factual ammo you can use to educate the pro-vax zealots trying to ram mandatory vaccines down our throats!

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