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ORMUS Wizardy and Love Alchemy with “Denis of Oz” Cooney

June 14, 2015 @ 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

ormus denis of oz love alchemy
Denis of Oz is a practicing modern day alchemist who, since 2005, has been re-discovering the ancient understandings of power that nature has in her repertoire! This Sunday at 9 pm (Sydney), we download Denis’ understandings of ORMUS as a potent alchemical followup to last week’s interview with fellow ORMUS researcher Barry Carter.Denis, born October 1st, 1951, says about himself:
“In 1971 I ran a political action community centre as a full time volunteer once I realised that we needed HUGE CHANGES here in our world if we (humanity) are ever going to ‘MAKE IT’ as a species!  So I committed all of my time, will, attention and focus to the greatest good for all of humanity.

“When I learned to meditate in 1973, this revolution went INTERNAL and I realised the WORLD PEACE I sought had to be found inside me! After 9 years of meditating for hours every day, and studying astrology, changes inside my heart and destiny saw me evolve to being a commercial campaigner for healing, nutritional empowerment and personal empowerment.

Along the way I became a student alchemist and metaphysician. I studied the teachings of “Old Chinese” from 1987 to learn the secret lessons of the Taoist ways and made my first “imprinted” potions of power in 1988.

“Life changed when my 75th skydive went disastrously wrong in 1992 and I was in hospital for 75 days – and a whole new life unfolded – seeing me living in the USA teaching 9 day APPLIED INTENTION courses in 4 countries and 7 USA States as life was unfolding an unexpected destiny for me to discover (as Dr Masuro Emoto did), that WATER HAS HEALING POWER and MEMORY!

“When I discovered the world of ORME’s and the Ormus-Alchemical ways, I naturally was able to combine all my training in metaphysics, alchemy, astrology, pyramidology, intentioning, healing, consciousness and love to create results-oriented elixirs into a vehicle for me to reach people in the best way ever.

A 40 year evolution (to operating from LOVE) is behind all that I do, every Elixir that I make.

How this all works is the subject of my talk on this wonderful show, and I am SO looking forward to speaking with you all.

Join us live at 9 pm:


Global Freedom Movement Media
Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia + Google Map
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