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Ormus Elements: Modern Day Alchemy With Barry Carter

June 7, 2015 @ 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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This Sunday night at 9 pm (Sydney time), GFM Media interviews well known ORMUS expert Barry Carter. Carter was born on June 25, 1949 and has had a long running dedication to environmental causes. Additionally, “I have always been interested in science and spiritual things. I have worked as a woodworker for much of my adult life and the tool skills I learned have helped me in designing magnetic traps and other ORMUS extraction methods.”

One of his major concerns is that humanity is destroying the environment faster than it can repair itself, and he believes that there are several ways that the ORMUS materials can help to reverse that trend. “Many of the benefits of the ORMUS materials depend on the spin we give it when we introduce it to the world.”

Rewind: In 1976 he met a gentleman named Jim who was building speakers and doing electronic repair, who he worked with over the years. In 1986 Jim invented an ozone generator and Barry worked with him in building certain parts for this ozone generator for several years.

“In 1989 I talked Jim into using the ozone generator he had invented to try to clean up a mine tailings pond. He was achieving success beyond our wildest expectations and getting more gold out of the waste than the mine had gotten out of the original ore.

He was also getting something else. Every time we talked he told me another incredible story about this weird snotty material that was collecting in the bottom of the charcoal tank. He told me about how this material disappeared in a flash of light when it was left in the sunlight to dry out.”

You read that right: “it disappeared in a flash of light when it was left in the sunlight to dry out!”

Things got even weirder though.

“I watched the extraction process a couple of times. A few weeks later while he was doing some work at the mine site, the ozone etched an o-ring on a PVC coupler and it sprang a leak. He reached up to tighten the coupler and the leaking ozone/gold/water jumped inside his hands. He tasted metal, started seeing a blue light and felt queasy. When he opened his hands gold fibers came out the backs of his hands. For about a week after this he glowed in the dark and left gold fingerprints on everything he touched. We called him Goldfinger.”

The story doesn’t end there though, not by a long shot. Barry Carter has been working almost full time researching ORMUS since 1996. This is a chapter in the all-important history and development of ORMUS. Please join us at 9 pm to hear Barry flesh it out as only he can.

Listen live: www.globalfreedommovement.org/media


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