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Nick Good: Solstice Prayer PowerUp, Sydney

December 21, 2014 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

nick good sydney global freedom movement

Solstice Prayer PowerUp with Nick Good

Enjoy the PERFECT Christmas Gift to yourself

A Superhero Power of Prayer Activation

Join an ingenious alliance of powerful souls for a transformational evening hosted by Nick Good – author of Amazing Grace (co-authored with David Wolfe).

“It is my intention through this powerful solstice event in this powerful country with these powerful souls in these powerful, powerful times to facilitate an experience that will enrich the lives of us all. If you will permit I will take you on a journey into a deeper experience of yourself. By the legendary power of prayer we shall all discover a little more of our own God given Divine Goodness. So powerful is this gift that once received our lives are changed forever”

 – Nick Good Visionary Co-Founder of Superhero Training and Noniland.

The December Solstice 2014 is a powerful activation opportunity for the awakening humanity to exponentially expand, establishing a global foundation of love that will birth 2015 into the acceleration of our ascension process and raise the consciousness of all souls on Earth.

Together we will catapult all life into higher frequencies of energy, vibration, and consciousness than we have ever experienced, with an emphasis on awakening to Oneself, deep personal healing and empowerment.

If you are feeling a little fragile, lost or crushed with all that is happening in our world, please join us for this enchanting evening of healing, prayer, blessings, music, and meditation, guided by the potent transformational presence of Nick Good.

Solstice Prayer PowerUp is an exclusive, intimate event with Nick Good, the first of its kind in Australia. Limited tickets available here.




About Nick Good

Nick Good Sydney Global Freedom Movement Solstice Prayer ActivationConsciousness is chained to the matrix. The matrix is inherently challenging and a massive initiation for consciousness itself. There are two kinds of awareness. The awareness of the heart and the awareness of the mind. Our hearts are being broken open and our minds being charged with enough psychic content to explode off the doors forever. Our children are being poisoned and psychologically conditioned quite literally to become monsters.

Something very sinister is going on in the world and you are either supporting it or you are not. To choose not to do so requires you to make sometimes radical adjustments to the way you live—sometimes even quantum leaps into new realities that once before were perhaps the fantasies of a dreamer.

Yes indeed success is a very personal thing. They say I am the only man in the world to have happily carried a 250lb Maori Warrior Healer across a bed of broken glass bottles barefooted and unharmed. When I was doing it, the very first step I took with my left leg, I stood upon the sharp crystal spike of the heel of a champagne bottle. A micro-moment before one of the cameramen had asked a question and my focus wavered as I landed on the spike with over 400lbs pressuring down. It was a moment of choice to allow myself to skim off it or to press on. Well I pressed on and very quickly was singing Hallelujah for the rest of the way. I am still pressing on today in different ways.

What I want you to take from this story in life is that Life is a series of initiations. Modern civilization has not provided us with the levels of initiation that Life naturally would. Our trials in the modern world are the diluted and impotent, the smoke and mirrors of the dark lords who tempt us with their illusory world.

Soul power is eternal never-ending flow. The game of Life, pure and simple, is to sync up with the flow.


Solstice Prayer PowerUp is an exclusive, intimate event with Nick Good, the first of its kind in Australia. Limited tickets available here.



Baha’i Temple
Mona Vale Road
Sydney, NSW 2101 Australia
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