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Endorsements of Global Freedom Movement

Praise for our work so far.

Nick Sambrook, author of IT: Blue Angel Knight

"I am fully supportive of Brendan and Aimee in what they are trying to achieve with [Global Freedom University]. It aims to provide something new and different, rather than yet another media outlet mechanism. This takes GFM forward from its existing work, integrates it, and provides a new synthesized, highly informed and intelligent perspective forum and university like structure, aimed at moving things forward into a new platform.

"Brendan and Aimee (who I have known for the last few years) give a level of energy and commitment and experience and knowledge to this project which I have not seen before, together with an ability to bring ideas and people together in an accepting friendly accepting manner. All of which will help people to see the wood for the trees on both sides of the mirror in an independent non-imposing way. It will save people a lot of time, effort, and provide and invaluable source of reference, learning, and direction for those looking for a more informed, balanced, intelligent, logical and rational view of what is going on."

What People Are Saying


"Thanks so much for the wonderful and succinct collation of info here. [I love your] style of mixing wit and sarcasm Love your guys work!!! Big fan.


"Thanks so much for all the work you do."

Hamish Quinney

"Nicely written Brendan, great detail and back up articles, the more we keep chipping away at this I’m sure more and more people might just wake up, anyway I really like your dedication to the great work you and Aimee are doing. Thank you.


"Thank you for your powerful voice of confidence and reason." 

Darren Hey

"Brendan, I dare say the work of yours I read is near on impeccable. Time for the next article in this series…yes/no? Thanks to you and Aimee for your courageous voices. Best wishes to you both in the times to come."

Ramola D.

"Note that Brendan Murphy and Aimee Devlin are stellar and thoughtful interviewers, who run a truly remarkable site, and offer many wonderful, and necessary interviews on an ongoing basis with extraordinary guests."

Em Jay

"There are no words to adequately describe your and Aimee Devlin's work. You are the change the world needs."

Linda Brimmz

"GFM slashes through the stifling straight jacket of slave obedience with a double-edged blade of knowledge and truth, helping us awaken, question everything and think for ourselves. Thank you for living and breathing the Freedom Fire into us mere mortals!!!" 

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