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Hey there, Truthseeker

You’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by the gigantic sea of electronic information you’ve been swimming in, and, as you’ve no doubt noticed, it’s only getting more vast and complex. You probably want a “no bullshit” reliable source of information that cuts out the noise and enhances the signal for you.

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That’s where we come in.

No one does independent education and media quite like we do, and we havetaken taking a quantum leap ahead of the pack by building The Truthiversity; a streamlined, potent, and efficient self-directed learning model that gives you the no-nonsense information and higher level analysis you’ve been looking for - all in one convenient place.

Since you're here right now, something tells us you're ready to stop wasting time and make your life as a truth seeker and change maker easier.

But maybe you...

  • feel too cynical and jaded to look at another "truth-based" website
  • want a more pragmatic and solution-oriented approach
  • are feeling down and despondent about the state the world's in

You want to stop feeling so overwhelmed by all the bad news and distractions.

You just want to get on and translate your knowledge into meaningful action, but you're finding it challenging to know where to begin. You're a bit stuck.

No matter where you are on your journey of awakening, it's clear you want to have a bigger positive impact, both in your life, and in the world around you.

Trust us. We've been there!

We are here to make your life easier, freer, less painful, and richer.

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How we roll:

We promote substance over style and provide access to depth and quality of information, rather than merely regurgitating the fluffy clichés that pervade the alternative media and “spiritual” sites. 

As educators, we are awakened hard-hitters who take no prisoners, exposing all forms of frauds and lies, whether they are popular in the mass mind and loudly publicly endorsed, or insidious and well concealed.

Unlike many other "alternative" websites, we are solution-based and not merely complaining about the System. We raise awareness, identify possibilities, and get things done.

It's clear to us after years of study that life doesn’t need to be as hard as it has become for millions of us. The solutions are here and now.

What others say about us

Nick Sambrook, author, IT: Blue Angel Knight

I am fully supportive of Brendan and Aimee in what they are trying to achieve with the Global Freedom University project. It aims to provide something new and different, rather than yet another media outlet mechanism. This takes GFM forward from its existing work, integrates it, and provides a new synthesized, highly informed and intelligent perspective forum and university-like structure, aimed at moving things forward into a new platform.

I see it to be very different from other existing models, one which integrates both leading-edge scientific understanding and concepts (whilst not becoming drawn into academic hierarchical control structures), but also provides forefront ‘spiritual’ views and structural concepts (without falling into the beguiling effect of belief or New Age like structures).

This attempts to bring both paradigms together in a rational logical synthesized model, all provided with a rational more objective informed ‘non selling’ nature.

Brendan and Aimee (who I have known for the last few years) give a level of energy and commitment and experience and knowledge to this project which I have not seen before, together with an ability to bring ideas and people together in an accepting, friendly manner. It will save people a lot of time and effort, and provide an invaluable source of reference, learning, and direction for those looking for a more informed, balanced, intelligent, logical and rational view of what is going on.

Linda B.

GFM slashes through the stifling straight jacket of slave obedience with a double-edged blade of knowledge and truth, helping us awaken, question everything and think for ourselves. Thank you for living and breathing the Freedom Fire into us mere mortals!!!

Darren H.

Brendan, I dare say the work of yours I read is near on impeccable...Thanks to you and Aimee for your courageous voices. Best wishes to you both in the times to come.

Ramola D.

Brendan Murphy and Aimee Devlin are stellar and thoughtful interviewers, who run a truly remarkable site, and offer many wonderful, and necessary interviews on an ongoing basis with extraordinary guests.

Our Journey So Far

2014. The flow of synchronicity. A group of activists. A trip to the outback.
A movement is born.

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In 2014 we became entangled in a series of bizarre synchronistic events involving an activist expedition to the Aussie outback to connect with some of the original peoples of the land. None of it went quite as planned/expected, but the prospect of a journey to Australia’s “red centre” is what led to the creation of Global Freedom Movement.

You couldn’t have planned the way it turned out!

It was immediately clear, however, that Global Freedom Movement was our baby and exactly the kind of vehicle we needed to potentially impact the lives of millions for the better.

From that seminal journey in 2014 Global Freedom Movement went from strength to strength. From 2014-2017, we did our educational and activist work full-time. We started GFM Radio (now GFM Media) broadcasts on a weekly basis and reached thousands of people with our 60+ interviews. We reached thousands more through talks, articles, Brendan’s book, webinars, TV, web, and radio interviews.

In 2018, our Facebook page was deleted in one of their first purges of alternative voices. This led us to reconsider our path and birth a new, uncensored social media network, Trooth. We now have almost 10,000 members on that platform. Our current project is The Truthiversity, to be followed by much more.

These days, Global Freedom Movement is in the holding bay while we build and grow our current projects - Brendan's podcast, Truthiverse, Trooth, and The Truthiversity, via our personal brands and channels. 

You’ll want to stay tuned to this station for the imminent exciting developments, so please do join Brendan's email list community. By signing up (it’s free), you’ll get access to his free ebook, "Science Meets Spirituality", our occasional newsletters and important updates and announcements.

Our work so far

7 k Email Subscribers
24 k Facebook Fans
76 k Podcast listens
65 Interviews to date

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Meet the co-founders

Brendan D Murphy and Aimee Devlin Global Freedom Movement

From Brendan:
brendan d murphy global freedom movement

I have a compassionate heart, keen intellect, I’m deeply “spiritual” and a no-bullshit humanitarian with a genuine disdain for political correctness. I advocate what I call “broad spectrum awareness,” meaning a big-picture, well rounded, multi-faceted worldview – the result of years of study "connecting the dots" (as opposed to ten minutes on Wikipedia).

In The Grand Illusion books, I have attempted (perhaps foolishly) what few other authors dare to, making my writing valuable to anyone consciously seeking deeper awareness of themselves, the nature of reality, and the challenges of life on earth.

I also facilitate very powerful sound-based “DNA activations,” offering conscious seekers a trigger point for accelerated evolution and multi-levelled healing. There has been some amazing feedback and lives have indisputably been transformed. That’s what it’s all about!

On a more personal note, I’m a passionate musician with a versatile voice and some skill on the guitar, and I relish the opportunity to immerse myself in song-writing. I also enjoy covering some of my favourite songs in “Solfeggio tuning” at C=528 Hz.

For me, in seeking truth, nothing is sacrosanct, no precept too precious, and no dogma unquestionable. The need to understand must trump the ego's need for control.

From Aimee:
aimee devlin global freedom movement

A passionate activist, creative, and systems quee I like to sprinkle love and compassion wherever I go. I’m determined to help others unravel the madness of modern life to seek more nourishment for the soul, and the medicine that unifies us all.

Over the years I have dabbled in a number of vocations, all with a common thread, which has led me to believe my work is simply to help humanity heal our relationship with Earth. I encourage others to see and feel the consequences of their actions, and adjust them to powerfully reshape our future.

I’ve developed a modern blueprint for how we can all thrive effortlessly within a realm oriented towards consciousness expansion, creativity, freedom of expression, healing, and joyful coexistence.

This blueprint shall eventually become my first book and gift to the world; though currently my days are spent taking care of the creative and technological aspects of the Global Freedom Movement.

If you'd like to get in touch to introduce yourself, please do so here.

What to do next?

Trooth - the woke social network for solution-based thinkers

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Thanks so much for being here. We genuinely appreciate
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