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Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?


If not, perhaps it’s time.

If you have already started down the rabbit hole, please join us in creating and sharing the solutions.


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What others say about Global Freedom Movement…


GFM has made its way onto my shortlist for "go-to" information about what's really going on -- and what we can do about it.

I love the people - Brendan and Aimee!

The power of GFM is that it embodies the wisdom of the vesica pisces, and combines consciousness AND action. This world needs this bridging.

If you want to wake up and become empowered instead of cynical, check out GFM, dude!

Josh del Sol

Along with other podcasters and researchers i have expanded my perspective on my life and the life of others around me

I loved your long and detailed podcasts, I have a big family and I run my own business, I don't have as much time as i would like to research data myself. With the podcasts I was able to increase my knowledge in a way that suited my available time.

You seem to have an end game in mind.

I have recomended to many friends - I always say the same thing - listen first! Before forming an opinion, if you resonate with this information, research further.

Stuart Edgar

Bypassing the lies in mainstream media is always important, the truth must be told. I applaud you and all other alternative media outlets for doing so. The public are not stupid and won't be fooled.

Planet Autism

I've been relieved to hear the vibration of truth and courage in this world amongst the deafening media of mind control and frightened conforming people. Great info and intelligent, spiritual discussions. A breath of fresh air!! I know there are many who connect with this in their hearts.

Honesty and love.

Keeping it real. Great depth and respect for audience intelligence and integrity. Going hard, thinking big not small/constrained. More relief!! Come on let's dream it up!

Global Freedom Movement is an awesome truth resource which can help you get grounded on your path and be more immune to the rampant BS in the world. Gorgeous people too, you'll love them.

Megan Bliss

Provides a highly focused and enlightened view on a range of issues, with one-to-one interviews and articles from a wide variety of contributors and experts.

The energy, drive, and enthusiasm to make a difference.

A synthesised, cross-the-board objective view, with in-depth analysis and technical info, articles, and interviews.

It will save you a lot of time, and give you an independent view on what is going on in the world, and help you make a more informed and balanced opinion.

Nick Sambrook

GFM has given me a greater understanding of different subjects.

That it questions things that the mainstream does not, that it isn't afraid of asking questions that might shatter the foundation of society.

It doesn't feel like it's all about sensationalism but instead about the topics and the spreading of truth that is in focus.

It's a great source of information created by some beautiful and cheerful people that is not about doom and gloom but instead about empowering individuals.

John Blaid

There is a lot of talk about the "big picture" but Brendan (and Aimee) are expanding and enriching what is possible by us regular folk.

No one has the exact focus that these two do.

If you want the best perspective on what's going down, look here.

April Minkler

GFM has introduced me to some amazing people, such as HK healer James Pask, and your site helps keep me up to date with the "truth movement" or whatever you want to call it!

I love that GFM has such long, in depth interviews and really talks to interesting people. I also love how natural and down to earth the interviews are (you call it "unprofessional" but I call it "unpretentious"!)

Very long interviews, very natural.

To keep abreast of what's REALLY going on in the world, you have to watch GFM. However, be warned that subject matter is NOT for the faint-hearted and is sometimes a bit "scary" if you haven't seen this stuff before.

Louisa Dent Pearce

Started to do my own research and look at things very differently.

Always looking for the truth and present information for you to make your own mind up.

No corporations or mainstream media is behind GFM...it's totally impartial and gives you the choice to decide.

It presents information in an easy to understand format and with a really open mind. Check it out.

Allan Devlin

Meet the founders of Global Freedom Movement…

Aimee Devlin

I was always different to other kids. Instead of playing with Barbies, I stealthily pilfered my Dad’s books to immerse myself in the world of nutrition, animal liberation, and environmental devastation—deep topics for a child of only 8. To this day, I am a prolific reader, radical thinker, and self-reflector; I have always liked to shake things up. I am of the belief that the more questions I ask, the more capacity I have to solve the complex problems that plague us.

I await the day my fellow earthlings rise to their full potential. With a ridiculously curious mind and an ability to adapt and learn rapidly, I have gathered qualifications and skills in many fields including natural health, massage, herbal medicine, coaching, and NLP to name a few (though I am not a specialist but a multipotentiate at heart).

I loathe small talk; there is a depth to me that won’t go away. Instead of discussing the weather, I’m interested in discovering what the world would look like if we were taught how to think and encouraged to feel. I fumble my words when speaking, but they flow easily from my pen. I am saddened and appalled when I see modern humans living the way they do, and therefore advocate our coming together to do something different.

I invite everyone to see that we are all responsible for what we see around us—as well as for finding the solutions. Anything else is madness.

Brendan Murphy

After waking up both “metaphysically” and “politically” around the age of twenty I had to release many layers of programmed illusion in order to integrate my learnings (now over 10,000 hours of study in consciousness and metaphysics alone) and move forward in a constructive direction. I have been so single-mindedly dedicated to awakening humanity that I’ve never had a full-time job of any sort. Money and material security took a back seat to the mission.

In short, I’m a “spiritual,” no-bullshit humanitarian with a genuine disdain for political correctness. I advocate what I call “broad spectrum awareness,” meaning an integrated, big-picture, multi-faceted worldview—the result of years of study "connecting the dots."

I learned how to think after leaving school, not during it, and I observe with dismay the legions of young people today who also have not been taught the art of critical thinking. It is essential to a free society.

The result of my commitment to human freedom and evolution is GFM, my published writings, and, when it’s ready, the Global Freedom University.

In The Grand Illusion book(s), I have attempted (perhaps foolishly) what few other authors dare to, making my writing valuable to anyone consciously seeking deeper awareness of themselves, the nature of reality, and the challenges of life on earth (and their solutions).

For me, in seeking (and speaking) truth, nothing is sacrosanct, no precept too precious, and no dogma inscrutable. Egoic identification with belief structures and feelings only impedes deepened understanding. Beliefs are like parasites: while you feed them they consume you!

If this kind of attitude resonates with you then you’re in the right place.

Let’s do this.

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